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Brookstone Anti-Snore Pillow

Product Features
  • No straps, slings, sleeves, or new sleeping style needed. 
  • Built-in support system cradles your head and neck, to help keep your chin out and your airway more open. 
  • Pillow cover is removable and washable. 
  • Fits into a standard pillow case. 
  • Because this is a personal item, it cannot be returned. 
Product Description 
Brookstone Anti-Snore Pillow. Finally, an anti-snoring pillow that lets you sleep in a natural position! Using an innovative design, the new Brookstone Anti-Snore Pillow is clinically tested to be helpful in reducing snoring while letting users keep their natural sleeping positions. No straps, slings, sleeves, or new sleeping style needed. Built-in support system cradles your head and neck, to help keep your chin out and your airway more open. At first glance, the pillow looks--and feels--like a pressure-relieving memory foam neck pillow. Inside, an innovative support system cradles your head and neck, keeping your chin out to help keep your airway more open. Back sleeper or side sleeper, it makes no difference. You get the sleep support and comfort you need, and your partner can finally sleep through a quiet night, too. To customize the support level of the pillow to your specific size, simply unzip the removable, washable outer cover to access the three removable support pads. Pillow fits into a standard pillow case. Order the Brookstone Anti-Snore Pillow today and reduce snoring as you sleep in your natural position! Intended Use: The design and function of the Brookstone Anti-Snoring Pillow have been clinically tested to be helpful in reducing snoring. Warning: The user of this pillow should consult with his/her physician or health care provider for evaluation of obstructive sleep apnea or other respiratory disorders, if his/her snoring is accompanied by any of the following symptoms: - Frequent excessive daytime sleepiness;- Periods of not breathing, as observed by bed partners;- Awaking short of breath, choking or gagging;- A history of heart disease; and- Being substantially overweight. Warning: Do not use if pain or discomfort result. Contraindication: Not for use by infants or children.
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The causes of the snoring

The Causes Of Snoring

It is said that snoring is usually the results of overindulgence in a number of life's pleasures. the subsequent are the causes of snoring and by controlling them, you'll be able to become quiet in the dark.

The Causes Of Snoring

Causes of the snoring 4

Age, The Unstoppable - Causes of the snoring 4

Both men and girls tend to snore additional as they age, and there's nothing we will do regarding that! however, if you're taking snoring seriously currently and solve the matter, you'll most likely forestall your snoring changing into sleep apnoea. It normally follows a protracted amount, say 5 years, of normal significant snoring.In general girls tend to begin snoring throughout or when the menopause. Some girls snore solely once they are pregnant. it might tend to point that hormones play a vital role within the etiology (cause of a disease) of snoring. Some girls have reported that hormone replacement therapy resolved their snoring drawback.

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Tongue Base - Causes of the snoring 3

Some snorers' noise emanates from the bottom of the tongue where the throat could also be notably restricted. this can be particularly seemingly in those whose lower jaw isn't properly fashioned. individuals with 'weak chins' or retrognathia usually snore. Typically, they're going to have an uncommon bite, that is, their lower teeth are means behind their higher teeth after they shut their mouths. during this scenario, a tool worn within the mouth that brings the lower jaw (the mandible) forward could also be the answer. do this straightforward test: create a snoring noise with the mouth closed. Then attempt to create identical noise while biting gently on your tongue protruding from the mouth and therefore the lips sealed around it. If you can't snore together with your tongue forward a Tomed SomnoGuard would be appropriate. The results of using such a tool are a semi permanent or permanent advancement of the lower jaw, and a amendment within the means the teeth meet along. you will ought to learn to chew your food in a very completely different means. Nevertheless, we have a tendency to believe that these devices have a valuable role within the treatment of snoring in a very sizable amount of cases.

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Mouth Open? - Causes of the snoring 2

Do you snore along with your mouth open? we have a tendency to were designed to breathe in through our noses in order that the air is filtered, warmed and humidified before coming into the lungs. after we breathe through the nose the air passes over the curved a part of the lip during a mild flow into the throat while not making unnecessary turbulence. after we breathe through the mouth but, the air hits the rear of the throat head on and might produce monumental vibrations during this soft tissue. The pharynx, the medical term for the throat, that extends from the amount of the roof of the mouth to the epiglottis (Adam's apple), may be a terribly versatile and muscular tube. It desires this flexibility as a result of it should satisfy 2 functions, respiratory and swallowing. it's the latter operate that desires the pliability as a result of we have a tendency to swallow by a method known as peristalsis, a series of muscular contractions that force the food down the throat and into the oesophagus. When relaxed the pharynx isn't terribly massive. As we have a tendency to go to sleep our muscle tone decreases and most of the muscles in our bodies relax utterly. The throat is not any exception. you'll be able to see that during this state any turbulence within the impressed air can cause a vibration.If respiratory though the mouth throughout sleep is common, and you have got a minimum of one clear nasal airway, a tool to stop oral respiratory could also be the solution. Snore Guard is such a product.

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Collar Size Of 16 ½" - Causes of the snoring 1

The first factor to think about is body fat. Obese folks are terribly possible to snore. Excess body fat appears to be a lot of of a tangle for men than for girls. Fat is deposited round the body differently in men to girls. Men tend to induce fat around their necks and waists, whereas girls appear to place in on around their thighs. it's fat round the throat that provides the problem; it tends to squash the throat in leaving less space to breathe. A middle aged man whose collar size is sixteen ½" or on top of is predisposed to snoring. it's worthwhile considering if snoring was a tangle before any recent weight gain or if there has been a requirement to shop for larger shirts recently! Weight reduction by moderating the diet and increased exercise is a very economical methodology for the treatment of snoring in those that are overweight. though you're solely marginally overweight we might suggest that an exercise and diet programme be initiated. though obesity might not be the sole explanation for the snoring, it's going to well have a very important influence that when removed can enable alternative types of treatment to be effective.Smokers are twice as possible to snore as non-smokers. It follows that those that are able to quit the habit are in a very higher position concerning their snoring. it's going to be the sole cause within which case what a rewarding expertise it'll be. Stopping snoring and smoking in one are a relief to the snorers/smokers and their families. Acupuncture and hypnosis are each smart therapies for kicking the habit. Quitline's 0800 002200 could be a phonephone variety which will are available handy if you actually wish to convey up smoking. Good luck. it's value mentioning that it's the smoke that irritates the nasal mucosa that causes the matter for snorers. Passive smoking might so be one thing to require under consideration notably if you discover yourself in a very smoky setting sort of a pub before you head to bed.

How to stop snoring - press release

Earlier snoring was thought to be linked to elderly or overweight folks however recently younger generation has additionally been widely afflicted by this disorder. In read of sedentary lifestyle and faulty food habits, snoring is changing into a typical issue recently. Most of the folks, who snore, pay lots of time surfing cyberspace craving for Snoring remedies that job. It is, however, important to spot and analyze the foundation cause behind the snoring before seeking the remedy or treatment for it.There are varied home remedies to ease off the snoring further. These could embrace taking a tablespoon of honey or a glass of lukewarm water at bedtime. Taking a heat water bathtub before reaching to bed also can facilitate. One also can use adhesive nasal strips to widen the nasal passages. There are plenty of anti-snoring herbal product accessible within the market that come back with none aspect effects. Pressurized masks and sleep study equipment are effective Solutions for Snoring that address the underlying etiology behind snoring.Overweight folks tend to expertise snoring owing to excess fat on the throat and back of mouth. they're suggested to figure on losing weight to urge rid of drawback of snoring. Avoiding sleeping on the rear and following a sleep routine will facilitate in a way to stop snoring naturally. Physicians advise cutting on the intake of alcohol and serious meals before reaching to bed. A snorer ought to refrain from intake of milk product a minimum of 3 hours before reaching to bed.Medications that tend to cause the drowsiness like sedatives and anti-depressants ought to be avoided as they increase the laxity of the throat muscles. There are several answers to the question of “How does you Stop Snoring” however the selection of treatment depends upon the intensity of snoring and age of the snorer. Snoring not solely spoils the lifetime of snorer however it additionally makes the lifetime of the folks around miserable. it's thus best to grasp regarding treatment for Snoring to urge rid of the difficulty.